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  Shenze Jiamei Screen Printing Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2007|掌上武汉APP,located in shenze.Our company mainly produce and supply squeegee,aluminum squeegee handle,wooden squeegee handle,aluminum screen printing frame,screen printing drying rack,screen printing wire mesh and other screen pringitng parts series.These products mainly widely used in screen printing industry.All the product’ specification can be customised according to the customers.

  With many years production experience in screen printing industry development. We have gained more advanced technology. Now our company have technicist with abundant knowledge and a lot of practice in this line.

  Our company has a good reputation and a large number of customers in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

  We hope that our high-quality products, the solid reputation, the most favorable price can built a bridge to glory with you.Welcome to our factory.

Shenze Jiamei Screen Printing Co.,Ltd.



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